A professionally designed and assembled aluminium shopfront is essential for the appearance of any store, with the main aim of showing off your merchandising in an unobtrusive and aesthetically pleasing style, and to be inviting to your customer.

Aluminium Windows & Shopfronts can accommodate extreme heights and have different profile systems to accommodate different heights and the emphasis is always on maximum glass sizes to cause least obstruction to the view.

The correct choice of shopfront can also significantly raise the value of your property, besides requiring very little maintenance and it will never rust or warp.

Manufactured from specially designed extrusion systems, your shopfront can incorporate a selection or combination of fixed glass panes, folding doors and sliding doors.


Hinged on the top, Aluminium Windows & Shopfronts' casement windows offer the flexibility to capture as much, or as little, of any cross breezes and really opens your home to the outdoors when opened fully.

They are opened with a crank, lever, or cam handle, which is placed around hand height or at the bottom and serves as a window lock.

A crank, stay, or friction hinge is necessary when the window opens outward, to hold the window in position despite wind.


Aluminium Windows & Shopfronts' aluminium hinged door is a versatile product that can be used as a domestic entrance door in a commercial building or office.

The flexibility of the product allows for single or double doors that can open in or out as well as allowing the door to be an insert in a larger shopfront section.

Sidelights and fixtures can also be incorporated into the product. The product has been designed to allow for easy installation and servicing.


Aluminium Windows & Shopfronts' sliding doors offer a slim and modern look to you home while allowing for plenty of natural light.

All the doors are fitted with Safety Glass as part of the national building regulation and as SAGA and AAAMSA members we adhere to a strict code of conduct.

The doors are easy to install and come with a 12-month guarantee on manufacturing

These elegant doors can be used as a room divider and are perfect for enclosing patio, as is it allows for a breeze to flow through once opened.

Side panels and top panels are available on request, to accommodate larger openings and offer additional ventilation without opening the door.


The "Vista Fold" system is one of the only systems that is both waterproof and dustproof.

The top roller hinge system consists of two heavy duty rollers to ensure durability. The bottom sliding part also operates with a double roller system to ensure long lasting operation.

The system is very flexible and can accommodate several combinations. Folding windows/door can be made to a maximum height of 3.0m. The frame profiles are between 35mm to 76mm wide. The opening sections are 45/65mm wide.

Aluminium Windows & Shopfronts' sliding-folding doors are the perfect choice for a home where the lounge opens up to a garden or veranda, or an apartment or office which opens up to the balcony.

With the ability of bringing inspiration and creativity into a home by transforming rooms into fashionable living areas, a set of folding sliding doors can bend spaces together; remove barriers between the interior and exterior of your space.

They are also a very practical solution when it comes to affording flexibility to conference centre's or community centres where sometimes you would like to have the space partitioned and sometimes totally opened.


Aluminium Windows & Shopfronts' frameless glass doors make a great first impression, inviting passers-by to enter and giving them a hint of what's inside.

A frameless entrance can create huge visual impact whilst maintaining light flow and still being able to incorporate a full locking system.

The feature of frameless glass lies in their simplicity and elegant design.

The durability and safety of 8mm, 10mm or 12mm safety glass with the minimum of framing and seals enables the ultimate enclosure with timeless styling.


The feature of frameless showers lies in their elegance and design.

Frameless shower doors have no frame and are fitted together with special attachments - normally at the top, middle and bottom of the glass panels.

Aluminium Windows & Shopfronts' frameless showers are custom made to whatever specific needs you require.

Frameless units give a modern, open look to your shower by eliminating a majority of the metal framework around the glass.

With design options too numerous to list, frameless shower structures can add simple elegance or elaborate architectural appeal to any bathroom.


Aluminium Windows & Shopfronts' custom glass and mirror solutions ensure a perfect fit and a perfect finish to your design project.

Glass is the perfect material for hygienic, safe and contemporary kitchens and bathrooms and glass partitions offer the perfect balance between open plan layout and private, quiet space when needed.

The use of mirrors can offer very subtle effects to a room such as adding light to an otherwise darkened area of a room, giving the impression of expanding the room size. Wall to wall mirrors can give the illusion of a spacious environment or simply provide a unique backdrop to a focal point or object.



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